Frequently asked questions

How do you play?

To create a tournament select which type of seeding your want, add a tournament name, description, and enter the email addresses of the players. Don't forget your own email address if you want to play. It won't automatically include you.

You must select an odd number of players - there can be no ties in TuneTourneys.

Once you create a tournament invitation emails are sent to all the players. Players can either accept or decline the invite. If a player declines, the tournament creator can add alternate players

Once everybody has accepted or declined the invite, the tournament creator allocates how many songs each player gets. Since there is an odd number of players and an even number of songs, at least one person gets an extra.

After the songs are allocated, players can select their songs. Spotify™ playlists can be imported, so song research can be done in Spotify™

Once all songs are submitted the tournament creator must vet each list. The creator can reject songs if they do not fit the theme.

After vetting, the playlist and bracket are created. Enjoy the Spotify™ playlist and vote on the matchups!

How does Seeding work?

Seeding determines the song matchups in the tournament. Select either top vs bottom, Spotify™ popularity, or random.

Top vs bottom is standard high vs low seeds, and the seeds are determined by the order in which the player adds them.

Spotify™ popularity seeds the songs based on their popularity rating on Spotify™. This rating is based on the number of plays a song has and how recent those plays are.

Random seeding picks random matchups.

What theme can I pick?

You can pick any theme you want for a tournament, genre, year, decade, subject. The tournament creator must vet all the songs submitted by players, and can reject songs if they do not fit the theme.

Here are some theme ideas: Love songs, instrumentals, songs from movies, Rap & Hip Hop, everyone pick a year, etc.

How do I signup?

It's free to signup. You must enter a screen name, first and last, and your Spotify™ user name. Your Spotify™ user name is used to create a playlist when you create a tournament. TuneTourneys never stores your password to Spotify™, when you create a tournament you may be redirected to login to your Spotify™ account.

How much does it cost?

Games are free to play. A single game is $0.99 to start. You get one free game when you sign up, and you get one game if you win a tournament. A yearly subscription is only $9.99. With a yearly subscription you can start as many games as you would like during the year.

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