Q77 Genre Fight 2/3 Techno (Electronic, whatever)


While surely electronic music started to take hold in the 70s, I think it was the "rave culture" where it really started to find itself in the late 80s and early 90s. But "what are we considering techno" Devon will ask. Simply put, electronic music, or music made on a computer or synthesizer. Now this encompasses lots of styles, house, trance, acid blend, meat slick, the list goes on and on. Just as long as the music is mostly electronic. It can be sample based but let's prefer songs with samples that have been altered - like daft punk likes to do.
Anyway, get with the untsa-untsa, don't get caught up on the semantics.. You must represent at least 3 different decades in your list (put the year in the description field).

Seeding: User seeding
Number of Entries: 32

Winner: Dune your mom

Song: Dusk - Original Mix - Alan Barratt

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