Q76 - Walk Up Songs


None of us here are professional athletes, but at some point you all pretended to be. When walkup music first started in Fenway I remember some of the first songs they used. Trot Nixon would come out to Walk The Line.
Didn't exactly pump everyone else up but I bet Trot loved it. Varitek would come out to Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down. Woof. But now we have closer walkout music. Going all the way back to Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn. Imagine you're walking out of the dugout in a key situation in the game and your music comes up. It lets the crowd know before they even call your name. Maybe the opposing pitcher breaks a bead when they hear it. What song is that for you? Think about walking out of the concourse of an arena on your way to the ring for your big fight against Butterbean. Are you going to pump everyone up and strike fear into that fat boy's heart? This theme is very simple. Pick 9 songs that you would want to use as your walk up music. Think about it in many different situations. Baseball, boxing, mma, darts, snooker. Or team sports like football, basketball, volleyball, and water polo. Songs that get you and the crowd pumped up.
Everyone gets 9 songs except Dan. He gets 10 because I looked and he last had the 10th song longest ago (other than me, actually).
Only 1 song per artist. I will not tolerate a matchup of Hells Bells vs Thunderstruck
No songs from a previous Q winner. If you're struggling with that, go back to the winners tournament and don't use any of those artists. I'll try and get some kind of list together.
You may use previously used songs at your own discretion.
When voting, try and imagine the moment and how it might work in one of those settings.
Now get out there and give em hell, kid.

Seeding: User seeding
Number of Entries: 64

Winner: Makin’ Gaines

Song: Mama Said Knock You Out - LL COOL J

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